• #StandApart Cover Letter

  • As the West Coast’s leading Marketing + Communications Recruitment Agency, we see A LOT of Cover Letters. And we get it – no one’s favourite activity is writing a cover letter.  As a matter of fact the Cover Letter is usually the last thing that gets any attention and yet it is the first thing that prospective employers are keen to read!

    We know our way around a job description and we know what sells. We know what employers really want – and it goes beyond quickly jotting down your experience and knowledge. We will help you craft your cover letter so that it is aligned with the requirements and skills your new prospective employer is looking for.


    Your Cover Letter will:

    • Clearly articulate what causes you to stand apart from others who may be applying for similar jobs
    • Strategically matches your skills and knowledge to that of the job description
    • Stand apart with a high-impact, eye-catching design
    • Refine your language and make sure your cover letter is error-free


    What you’ll get:

    • Direct email contact with your Smart Savvy writer
    • PDF and Word versions
    • Two revisions included in price

  • $99.00

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