• Smart Savvy Resume Package

  • Can you articulate your ability to adapt? Your resilience?  Your capacity to connect with others? Our in-house writers will rev-up your resume from a boring bullet-fest to a rich and personalized feast of the best you have to offer. We’ll help you quantify the contributions you have made in order to demonstrate the returns.

    Your Smart Savvy Resume will:
    • Skillfully curate your unique skills and experiences to land the job you really want
    • Clearly articulate what causes you to stand apart from others who may be applying for similar jobs
    • Veer away from overused superlatives and tired clichés (If you’re innovative, we’ll show it. If you’re creative, we’ll prove it)
    • Stand apart with a high-impact, eye-catching design
    • Incorporate keywords for easy scanning and electronic searching
    • Refine your language and make sure your resume is error-free
    What you’ll get:
    • Direct email contact with your Smart Savvy resume writer
    • Five to seven day turnaround (rush orders available)
    • For Vancouverites, a one-on-one session with a Smart Savvy + Associates Recruitment Professional
    • PDF and Word versions
    • Two revisions included in price
    • Several templates to choose from
    • Questionnaire
    • Assessments
  • $495.00

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