• Smart Savvy Leadership Forum – EQ Series

  • Smart (+ savvy) leaders surround themselves with successful peers to become better leaders and accelerate business results.  The Smart Savvy Leadership Forum is a results-oriented and professionally facilitated peer discussion/learning group for leaders committed to continual improvement.  You’ll benefit from the insight of your peers through meaningful conversation.

    Series One – EQ + Leadership

    This series challenges traditional ideas about what makes a great leader and gives you the lowdown on why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is making or breaking leaders in a workplace that’s busting out of status-quo.

    Leadership today is nothing if not paradoxical. The best ideas are as likely to spur from the ground floor as the top floor. Hard skills sound old the minute you commit them to paper. And the traits CEOs revere most – creativity, collaboration, communication and flexibility – often mean admitting you know nothing at all.

    So, if it’s not your experience or the time you’ve put it, what’s really driving your leadership performance? It’s YOU: who you are, how you work and your ability to connect with others.

    The good news is that experts say Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is far more elastic than IQ, changes over time and can even be sharpened with guidance and practice. Here’s how:

    The Smart Savvy Leadership Forum – EQ Series will help you:

    Work Smart:
    • Learn from the best practices and practical guidance of top-performing executives and leadership authorities
    • Create a roadmap of your own EQ and develop an action plan to develop, practice and reinforce EQ behaviours
    • Learn to recognize and control your emotions before they affect others
    • Practice successful methods for active listening and forming emotional bonds
    • Increase your capacity to learn and adapt, be resilient, and connect with others
    • Improve self-awareness, self-management and stay motivated
    Lead Savvy:
    • Become grounded in a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and personality type
    • Meet challenges with optimism and keep-up drive
    • Read others: anticipate needs and mood shifts and react appropriately
    • Gain a reputation for attracting and retaining high-performance players
    • Get better buy-in from teams and colleagues
    • Keep emotions in-check through stress and change
    How does it work?

    Your professional facilitator will use the groundbreaking new video series “Leadership: A Masterclass,” by Daniel Goleman, to spark conversation and ignite learning. Goleman is the mastermind behind EQ, author of the best-selling books Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership and writer of one of Harvard Business Review’s ten must-read articles of all time.

    You’ll study the best practices of top executives and take stock of your own personal and interpersonal abilities. Benefits of the program include improved self-management, self-awareness, adaptability, motivation and relationships. Oh, and generally people will respect you more.


    Over 9 months, you’ll meet once monthly (first Wednesday) to engage in video-assisted learning and facilitated group discussion.  Each session will allow time for both large group and smaller round-table discourse. Our facilitators will help optimize discussions to ensure maximum return on the time you are investing.

    We will do our best to ensure the peers at your table (small group) are a solid match based on life/career stage and interests/goals. We believe in the value of inter-generational ‘mingling’ to further push ideas and increase knowledge exchange.

    Each participant will have the opportunity to complete an Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi 2.0) assessment.  Results will be reviewed at a high-level in a group setting so you get a solid handle on where your EQ is working for you and where, well, it could work a little harder.  You will have an opportunity to book a 1:1 session with a certified EQi facilitator to better understand your results

    Who Should Attend: Executives, managers, supervisors, and up-and-comers.  A minimum of 5 years of work experience is required (exceptions may apply).

    What’s included?
    • Administering of the EQi 2.0 with full report
    • 1 Individual Coaching Session (to discuss results of EQi)
    • 9 professionally facilitated group sessions
    • Catered snacks and beverages

    9 am – 11am on the first Wednesday of the month

  • $125.00

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